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Google Knol is the new kid on the block. People are already claiming it to be the next Squidoo. The big benefit of Google Knol is that it allows users to create their own ‘knol’, which is really an article page highlighting an area of expertise the author is versed in.

The best part of it is , is that is that Google ranks these knols REALLY highly and quickly — sometimes on the first page of results for a unique search term.

If haven’t yet created a knol and you’re an Internet Marketer, you should definitely should sign up as soon as possible. Google Knol is still very new and so it isn’t overpopulated yet (which will happen soon). So now is the perfect time to set up as many knols as you can, so as to profit from the great search engine attraction.

So now is the time to take advantage of it and make your mark as an expert in your catagory.

Here’s to Your Wealth!

Cheers, Smiles and Success,

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I am frequently asked if I still do comedy.

The answer is definately YES!

I still run my regular English show in Germany on a monthly basis, and do various performances in German as well. I love doing comedy, it is a reward to be able to get on stage and make people laugh. There is hardly anything I find as rewarding… other than helping others reach their fullest potential.

I guess that is why I have made the transition to doing Internet Marketing as well. I can share my talents and knowledge with others, to help them grow and develope, and I only need to post it once and many can benefit from it on an on-going basis.

I had the chance to see Paul Simon live two days ago. I was initially hesitatant because I hadn’t really followed what Paul was up to for the last few years. I was pleasantly surprised as we filled into a 5000 person hall and waited for the show to start. The atmosphere seemed to be alive with anticipation. You could feel people’s expectations in the air. I felt myself getting caught up in the excitement.

What followed can only be considered as fantastic. As I am sure he does in all his live concerts, Paul Simon came out and went through his array of new and classic songs. Naturally the ones we experienced when we were younger struck a stronger chord, but the whole show was very moving. Paul seemed young and vibrant in spite of his 66 years of age, and I am not saying that is old, I am over 50 myself, but he was just so energetic.

After the show I was able to get backstage with my fiance´and future in-laws to get an autograph. (I will admit to using my semi-celebrity status as Johnny Hollywood to get past the local security teams) When we encountered Paul on his way to the Tour Bus, he graciously stopped and smilingly signed the autographs for my guests.

I couldn’t help noticing how worn out and spent Paul seemed. His eyes and actions could no longer belie his age and exhaustion. It was at this moment I really respected this man. He just stood on stage and delivered 2 hours worth of content (loosley using an IM term here) to a hungry audience (his subscribers) although he could easily be at home resting enjoying the fruits of his earlier labors. (I’m sure the royalities off his previous albums still let him live quite comfortably)

Well by now I’m sure you’re asking yourself; “What does this have to do with with Internet Marketing?” Well as I see it, PLENTY! I’m sure for Paul as well as myself, we enjoy performing. It is something we are passionate about. I will perform as long as I can still stand on a stage. I love entertaining people. It is what keeps me going. And that’s what it is all about… Your passion.

Why do want to do Internet Marketing? Just to make a quick buck. Well then you will probably disappear as fast as you appeared. Those Guru’s (I hate that word) and Mentors that are consistantly making the most money online are the ones that are passionate about what they do.

Sure they might take vacations, they might travel to exotic places, do crazy stunts like Skydiving out of jets, or any number of exciting things, but they are always passionate about doing something or developing something that will benefit their readers and followers. Being an Internet Marketer is their passion. It is their Mindset.

So I guess what I am trying to say is… if Paul Simon, your favorite online Mentor or myself continue to do what we do out of passion, then you should check to see what your passion is. What is it that makes you get fired up? What subjects make your heart skip a beat? What makes you have sleepless nights?

Whatever it is, it is probably the key to your success on the Internet. Research it, find out if it is a profitable Niche. If not, find something close and pursue it. There are sure others that will benefit from what you have to offer and you will in turn profit from that need. Let your passion be the bridge over someone else’s troubled waters.

Thanks for the inspiration Paul!

Cheers, Smiles and Success,

P.S. Here is a performance I did with my fiance´ for one of our shows as a fill in when a guest had to cancel last minute. I’m the cute one.
Click this link to watch video:
Ze Somesing Sisters

Niche marketing is becoming more popular than ever. Finally marketers are starting to realise that they should focus on smaller niches rather than trying to market to other marketers. By focusing on niches you can target a more select group of people and produce an info product designed specifically for them.

In this article I will outline the three major mistakes marketers make when choosing a niche to target and why these mistakes are costing them HUGE amounts of money and time.

Mistake #1
Being product orientated rather than market orientated

The major mistake marketers make when creating a niche product is being product orientated rather than market orientated. Too often do they get an idea for a new product, go ahead and create it, set up the sales page, promote it and wait for the sales – but they never come. This could be for a number of reasons. Firstly, the market could have no desire for the product. Secondly, the market could have no money to spend on the product. Thirdly, the market may be too saturated with other products. Fourthly and finally, there might not be any market!

When creating your products, make sure you focus on the market and the people likely to be buying your products rather than on the product.

Mistake #2
Not adequately researching the market

When selling anything on the internet, whether it be a service, a physical product or an informational product, you NEED to know your customers. You need to know who you’re customers will be, you need to know the problems they are facing, whether they are prepared to pay to cure their problems, you need to know where they hang out, whether or not they have money to spend on your product and whether or not they are comfortable buying online.

Once you know about your target market, you can identify how to create your product to suit their needs and how and where to market your product to push the right buttons and start generating the sales.

Mistake #3
Following ones passions rather than the pot of gold

Many marketers create a product because they are passionate about it or they are an expert in the field, unfortunately this can often be a major mistake. It’s similar to being product orientated rather than market orientated.

Having said this, some do make a profitable business by selling products they are passionate about, but like I say, that’s just some.

Selecting a niche market is the most essential step in the process of developing and marketing a product online and offline, make sure you don’t make these 3 critical mistakes!

James Penn is an experienced niche marketer who has developed and profitably marketed a library of niche eBooks and reports. To discover how to create an insane passive income online by creating tiny reports, visit Short Report Profits

I recommend checking out James´site and his book. You will definately profit from it.

Here’s to Your Wealth!

Cheers, Smiles and Success,

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