From SNOman to NOman
Dealing with the Shiny New Object Syndrom and the Law of Distraction

Hi everybody. It is time I outed myself… I am a SNOman

I have been looking at and analysing my lack of progress in the IM Market and have become aware of what my worse enemy is. I have become a SNOman. Yes, I have been suffering from the Shiny New Object Syndrom. I consistantly buy and download every New Shiny Object I find.

For many years, I have been studying and researching making money online, I realize that I continued to allow myself to be distracted by the next new thing, product launch, software or course that would supposedly help me become financially independant online.

I have downloaded thousands of FREE REPORTS and CHECKLISTS and signed up for everyones new Online Email Course, because I knew “This One” will make it happen. “This One” will change my life!

I printed out the courses and reports and put them into clean little folders so the would be easier to read. That was going to help me become successful. I organized them into catagories for easier refference and ultimately filled over 18 shelves with these reports. Very pretty… but totally useless!



I believe if I laid these reports head to toe around the earth, I would at least cross the Atlantic…



I haven’t even started with the number of mailing lists I joined…
I started to set up new email addresses to accomodate all the emails I was receiving. At last count I had over 20 email addresses. The worst part though, was the fact that they contained in total over I million unopened emails.


Not because they weren’t important, but I just simply didn’t have enough time to read them all. So I just saved and stored them… to read them later… LOL!

The net result of all this was simply… Information Overload.
I was becoming a victim of the Law of Distraction.

I became one of those people marketers hate, because I signed up and never read or opened their emails. I sat on their list waiting for the magic day to come to get caught up on my reading. Low and behold… That day will NEVER come

But… I was hungry for knowledge…
I wanted to learn…
I wanted to become an expert…
Then take action.

Problem was… I never took action, because I was downloading or buying the next New Shiny Object that would make me rich.

Yes, I also bought many marketers products. If you wrote down every product I purchased from JVZoo, Clickbank or Warrior+, on a sheet of toilet paper, I would have several rolls full…
And that’s what the were worth… SHIT! Because I didn’t use them

The truth is… I am a fucking Gazillionaire… I have so much educational stuff in my bookcases and on 5 different external hard drives collecting cyber dust, I could have retired 10 years ago.

So why haven’t I?

Well, I have asked myself that for years and finally come to the conclusion that I was afreaid.

I was afraid of success and failure at the same time. I was afraid of the responsibility of taking care of customers and their needs, (and not being capable of that) and I was afraid of failure… of nobody being interested in what I had to share and not downloading my report or buying my product.

So what happened?

I continued my process of being a “download junkie” until my computer crashed and I suddenly had no access to any of the info I had saved. I realized that all that stored information meant nothing to me if I didn’t implement it.

It was then I began my quest to become a NOman.

It was time to gain the strength to say NO. To not sign up for or download, every new thing that came along. I needed to narrow down the number of marketers who were providing me guidance.

I started distinguishing between marketers who just sent me the next new Product Launch and the ones who provided me valuable content on a regular basis. I started to reconize who was real and who was just the man behind the curtain.

Most importantly, I started to actally read and apply things I purchased.

I also started to research the new products being offered and discovered that I either owned it already in the form of of some PLR I purchased, or at least had access to it through PLR sites I was a member of.

How COOL was that? I didn’t need to buy it again. I already owned it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t making money like the other guys, because I hadn’t taken the time to go from just owning it, to re-purpusing and rebranding it as my own, improving on it and then re-selling it.

So, I decided there were a few steps that I needed to take.
Maybe this 5 point checklist will help you become a NOman…

1. Find the top 5 marketers that you relate to and provide you with regular informative content and stay on their list. Unsubscribe                   from all others who don’t offer you value or content and just promote affiliate offers

2. Delete ALL mails you haven’t read in the past two days. If you haven’t read it yet, you probably won’t. Save mails that important into folders, like those from your web hosting or autoresponder services. Cancel your Fb notifications, you see them online, you don’t need to clutter your email box with them.

3. Organize your already owned PLR/MRR/RSR products into groups or categories and check them before you purchase or download the next piece of SNO. You will be surprised to find you either already own it or have access to it. Subscribe to at least one quality PLR site.

4. Define what you want to use as your main Niche and focus on those products or services. Don’t get distracted and flounder between several different niches. Focus is the key.

5. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! Start doing Something! Stop JUST learning and do something. It is so much easier to direct a car that is rolling, than to try and steer a parked car. Action will produce results… Learning alone, won’t.

If you find any value in this please feel free to share it.

I just wanted to shed a bit of light on things I have discovered on my journey, that might hopefully help you to succeed faster online.

Here’s to YOUR Wealth!

Cheers, Smiles, Laughs and Success;
Crazy J

aka Johnny Hollywood
Comedian turned Internet Marketer