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Happy New Year! What will 2014 bring for you?


What will 2014 bring for you?
Will it be better or will it just be another passing year?

Today being the first day of 2014, there are many things going through peoples minds like: “Why did I drink so much last night? or “Where did I leave my car?” No, but all kidding aside, what are you thinking about today? Are you thinking about how to make your 2014 better than your 2013?

Most people will probably make some kind of resolution or another. The standard “I’m going to loose X amount pounds/stop smoking/do more fitness/ be nicer to my spouse and kids by such and such a date” usually fall into the abyss of the forgotten before the month is out. We then get disappointed at our failure and give up until the next New Year comes around to start the whole process over again.

So how do we change that and make those resolutions stick and work?

One way is to realize that you can’t break old habits. You can only create new ones that are stronger and better. Trying to break a habit is telling your mind you must take away something and it rebels and tries to maintain it. When you create a new habit, preferably a good one, you tell your mind that you are adding something new and better to your life, make it more receptive to the change.

Becoming passionate about the change you want to make is extremely important. We tend to work harder and faster at achieving things we are passionate about. Remember courting your first big “True Love”? Nothing seemed impossible, right? So become passionate bout your goals. And I don’t mean take up stalking.

Some self-reflection questions you can ask yourself are:

    1. Am I passionate about my goals?
    2. Where can I find additional inspiration?
    3. What task can I achieve today to fuel my passion and get me back on track toward my goals?

Using tools like affirmations to transform negative thoughts into positive ones or meditation to relax and rejuvenate your energy as well as posting notes and hanging up pictures to inspire and remind you of your goals. Create a Vision Board to hold the pictures of things you want to achieve in plain view on a daily basis.

Affirmations can also help fuel the passion and solidify the goal reaching process.
Here are some you could try:

    I am passionate about my goals.

    My passion drives me forward to live the life of my dreams.

    I know what I want in life and I set goals to get me there.

    I know that each goal I achieve brings me in union with what I desire.

    I feel truly invigorated with each success!

    Meeting a goal, no matter how big or small, strengthens my confidence and self-esteem.

    I enjoy these feelings and strive to receive them as often as possible.

    Today, I choose to feel inspired by my passions and let the excitement propel me forward to achieve my goals, regardless of any challenges that may arise.

Setting and achieving goals is a never-ending circle of positivity that fuels your passion even more. You can use your passion to encourage you and help you to persevere over obstacles. It will increase and replenish with every goal you complete.

Using tools like affirmations to transform negative thoughts into positive ones or meditation to relax and rejuvenate your energy as well as posting notes and hanging up pictures to inspire and remind you of your goals.

Another thing that helps us achieve our goals is the right mindset. I have compiled 15 Mindsets for 2014 into a pdf format that you can view online or download (for Free) at this link: 15 mindsets for 2014

Read these and apply them into your life to help you achieve your goals for this year.
I am off to a good start this 2014 and hope you will do the same.

So here’s to YOUR Wealth!

Cheers, Smiles, Laughs and Success,
Crazy J

P.S. I am working on completing my book; “Mentor Wealth Secrets” this month. If you would like to be one of the first to read it and give me a review or testimonial send a mail to “review (at) mentorwealthsecrets dot com”

Here’s a great article on why coaching is so important.

Think You Don’t Need A Coach? Here’s What You Are Missing
By Lynn Banis

Coaching is hot right now. Are you on the bandwagon? Lots of people think they have no need of a coach, but I have found that there are plenty of people who could really benefit from coaching if they only knew what it was all about. Most of us go through life’s ups and downs by muddling through, getting stuck in places, making mistakes and learning from them and moving on. Some of us are happy with our lives and some of us aren’t. Most of us don’t know that our lives could be much better than they are and that there is help readily available in the form of coaching.

Are you as happy as you could be? Does your life work as well as it could? How about your job – is that great? Do you have decisions you need to make that are hard? A coach can help you with all of these and much more. The job of a coach is to partner with you to help you look at all the issues, concerns and decisions in your personal and professional life and to take the steps that are right for you. The coach’s assistance is designed to help make the process easier and more effective, efficient and productive. Coaches want your life to work for you and they want you to live the best life you can – your ideal life, if you will. That may sound kind of corny but it is not. Most of us can’t even imagine how awesome and inspiring coaching can be for us. We need to try it to know for sure.

I can give you some idea of things you can experience when you do engage in coaching with a well-trained and highly credentialed coach.

1. Learn to make decisions clearly and decisively based on your values and beliefs.
2. Overcome fear and experience the freedom that entails.
3. Challenge and break through self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from moving forward.
4. Create very clear and compelling goals that you will want to reach.
5. Bust through procrastination to productivity.
6. Find the career and job fit that are right for you.
7. Establish a routine that is based on good work-life balance.
8. Repair and build strong relationships.
9. Recover quickly and strongly from set-backs and disappointments.
10. Get unstuck from ruts and circular thinking.
11. Reinvent yourself after job, career or life status change.
12. Reach your wellness goals.

These are just a few of the positive outcomes you can expect from coaching. Now is the time to take stock and see what goals you are not achieving.

Author’s Bio

Once you have done that contact me at lynn@discoverypointcoaching.com.
I can help you.

Lynn Banis PhD, MCC is known as America’s High Performance Coach. She specializes in helping women. executives and entrepreneurs make the most of their opportunities and potential. Her years of working with small and large businesses has given her a depth of knowledge that is invaluable to her clients. You can reach her at http://www.discoverypointcoaching.com or at her email address listed on the site. Also check out Lynn’s other businesses:  Coach Academy Texas, a cutting edge coach training company;  and Turnkey Coaching Solutions, a coaching program management and contract coach staffing company.

Self Esteem is Important

Self Esteem Determines Who We Are

We may not realize it, but self-esteem is a great determinant of whether or not we will be a success in life or not. Why? Because self-esteem, or the way we view ourselves, including ours skills and our talents, affect our thoughts. And these thoughts turn into actions.

Taking actions are very important. Actions are the ones who move us closer to our dreams. If you have dreams and goals in life and you realize that you are not moving towards them then maybe you are not taking any action s or you are taking the wrong ones.

To read the rest of this article and other articles on Self Esteem click here

Don’t hesitate, it can only help.

Cheers, Smiles, Laughs and Success,
Crazy J

Confidence Beynd Belief