Crazy J has worked in the field of marketing for over 30 years.

His main experiences as an interpreter for some of the world’s best speakers like Allan Pease, Mary Feely, Pat Mesiti, Robert Rohm and others have given him the opportunity to learn from some of the best Mentors around the globe.

He has taken his talents and realized his dream of doing Stand-up Comedy by creating the world famous “Hollywood’s Comedy Nights”, the first all English Stand-up Comedy show to be featured for the past five years in the annual Cologne Comedy Festival in Germany.

His love for teaching, coaching and mentoring inspired him to create the comedy workshop Comedians-Anonymous where comedy newbie’s can learn the ropes.

He is now redirecting his attention to a niche that he has been studying for years; “Internet Marketing” in an effort to take what he has learned and benefit others who are now looking for ways to develop financial freedom through this wonderful medium.

His goal is to present step by step information and tips that are easy to follow and implement. He in no way considers himself to be a Guru and actually has a great dislike for this term. He prefers to be considered a Mentor. Someone who shares, helps and assists others in developing themselves to their full potential.

Your friend,

Crazy J

a.k.a. Johnny Hollywood

Comedian turned Internet Marketer

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