Time To Let Go Of Your Peanut

We all learned in school that we have evolved from the apes.

I am beginning to believe it is true, because too many people are acting like monkees still.

Specifically the Spider-Monkey.

Spider-Monkeys are small animals but they have very long fingers which look like spider legs, hence the name.

I once read an article that described how Spider-Monkeys are caught.

The article stated that they seem to be a big fans of peanuts, so in order to catch them, peanuts are placed in bottles with a very small neck which is then fastened to the ground by a rope.

When the Spider-Monkey smells the peanut, he approaches the bottle, sticks his hand inside and grabs the peanut. Now when he tries to take the peanut, his hand is clenched into a fist holding the prized peanut and he cannot remove it, because it is too large to pull out of the bottles opening.

Wanting to escape, he runs to the end of the rope. Since his hand is stuck in the bottle, he ends up running in circles until he collapses from exhaustion and is then captured.

The sad thing is, you could lay a stack of bananas just outside of his reach from which he could freely eat, but he would end up starving, because he refuses to let go of his peanut.


Many people who try and fail at Internet Marketing, experience the same thing.
They see the the reward of financial freedom but never succeed at it because of they refuse to let go of their peanut.

They run in circles from home-to-job-job-to-home, home-to-job-job-to-home, home-to-job-job-to-home, home-to-job-job-to-home, home-to-job-job-to-home, and that was only a week of their life…

They will do this for 50 weeks a year, 40-45 years of their life…
To then retire, if they are lucky, on 40% of what they couldn’t afford to live on in the the first place.

They remain captured in the work-a-day world, till they retire or die of exhaustion and being broke. All because of a peanut.

So what’s your peanut?

That peanut is different for every individual because they come in the form of excuses…

  • I have no money
  • I don’t know anything about setting up websites
  • I don’t have a list
  • I don’t have a product
  • I am too old/young
  • I don’t have time
  • My wife/job/family/friends won’t let me
  • and the list goes on…

The sad thing is, those excuses could be elimnated if they would just take some action. For every excuse on the list, there is a marketer who offers a free solution in the form of a free pdf, a video course or heaven forbid, a purchasable product or course.

So if you truly want to succeed in the Internet Marketing niche, or any other niche that could afford you to achieve financial freedom, decide what you are willing to do, what action you will take and whether or not you are willing to let go of your peanut.

There are pleanty of stacks of bananas out there, just let go of your peanut and grab some.

Now quit monkeying around and get to work.

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Commission Machine 2016

Here’s to Your Wealth!

Cheers, Smiles, Laughs and Success;
Crazy J

aka Johnny Hollywood
Comedian turned Internet Marketer


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