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Parabolic Content Engine Review

I just wanted to say, when I first met Kam Jennings in a Facebook group, I thought “Who is this kid in a baseball cap and what can he know anything about Internet Marketing?”

Well I can only say he has made me kick all my preconceived ideas about what an Internet Marketer should be into the round filing cabinet on the floor.

He was finally someone who told it like it is, without trying to wear the Guru cape and using smoke screens and mirrors. He was not just some wizard behind a curtain. He is the real deal and is a man of his word. He has taught me, how to be an Internet Marketer who truly cares, by sharing way more than one expects.

Not surprising that his new product; The Parabolic Content Engine is an amazing package.

Honestly, the sales video alone contains so much info that even seasoned marketers are learning from it.

Going through the content of the course, I was blown away at some of the simple tactics Kam teaches and how they help eliminate the challenge mos people have; creating content. He explains why content marketing is the cheapest way to market on the planet right now and how to get people to share it. 14 videos that tell like it is, in short and simple Kam-Style-tell-it-like-it-is format.

All I can say is Kam can teach you to kick it in the butt with this and turn your content creating efforts into something that becomes profitable and sustainable.

Thanks once again Kam for this amazing course…

My 2017 is gonna be kick-ass because of it.

The best part is, you can grab your copy for the next 4 days for less than a meal at your favorite burger joint.

Grab Your copy here:
The Parabolic Content Engine

Here’s to Your Wealth!

Cheers, Smiles, Laughs and Success;
Crazy J

aka Johnny Hollywood
Comedian turned Internet Marketer


Who Do You Trust?

Who do you trust when it comes to online marketing?

As in the old song “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Tina Turner, we look at online advertising often ask ourselves “What’s trust got to do, got to do with it… Who needs trust… When trust can be broken?”

The answer is really simple.
“If a man likes you, he will listen to you… But if he trusts you, he will do business with you.” as Zig Ziglar once said.

So with this question hanging in the air, we wonder how to market to people and develop their trust…

Well the good news is, my good friend Brian G. Johnson, a self proclaimed Poodle wrangler and Pixie Dust distributor has written a very detailed book on developing a Trust Funnel, when marketing to people via the Internet.

Over the last few days there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding ?the launch of his new book and it is totally justified.

Knowing the kind of guy Brian is, I picked up a copy of the book and read through the Kindle version. I was floored by the incredible amount of solid information he was presenting and I have been reading a lot about Internet Marketing for the past few years.

Brian G. Johnson, is a lot like me, funny, goofy and sometimes totally insane… and that’s what I like most about him. He is 1000% just the way he is. REAL!

Brian G.Johnson Real

That’s why I expected his book to be lots of fun and full of tips with his brand of personality and I was not disappointed

Well, I am still in awe of all the information he packed into this book with every page chock full of information about how anyone can get started online and create a business that will actually make money… and enough of it to live an awesome lifestyle.

I have the fortune of getting to know Brian on a personal level and having him coach me on several different things. I was grateful for the time and information and coaching he shared with me and I gained a lot from it. I am glad to have found him as a friend and Mentor.

And had I not known Brian, I might have missed out on this ?invaluable guide because of my presumptions. Not sure but all I can say is don’t be blinded by this crazy self-proclaimed Pixie Dust spreading Poodle Wrangler, head on over to the link below and grab a copy of the Trust Funnel.


BTW… besides being so full of valuable content, the Trust Funnel book launch page ?has a bunch of cool bonuses you can pick up as well.

Check it out!