Hi, my name is Crazy J and I am looking forward to making this a blog that will benefit others in achieving their dreams and goals as Internet Marketers. I have been studying the IM for several years now and I have seen the good, bad and ugly and I want to present as much of the good as possible and dispel the bad.

I have been involved in marketing for the past 30 years in the off-line world and I am excited about the potential the Internet provides for people who want to change their lifestyle and take charge of their lives.

Not only will I share my thoughts but I will also from time to time review books, audios and videos and software to give you my candid view of what makes them worth getting or not. And I am not afraid of suggesting you buy something now and then if it will benefit you. I will constantly be on the look out for ideas and suggestions that will help keep the costs of developing your online business down and that will accelerate it’s growth.

I will document the things that have helped me and that will save the newcomer time and hopefully keep them from making costly mistakes. I will also share the names of those online mentors that have helped me the most. If you have any questions or inspirations, feel free to make them below.

So here’s to our joint quest, to conquer the Internet and get free.

More to come…
Cheers, Smiles and Laughs,
Crazy J

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