Happy 4th of July Everyone.

I have been living in Germany for a good part of my life. It has become my second home. And if you have ever been here for any length of time you know it is a beautiful country.

As an an American living over here, I am often asked “Are you still proud to be an American?”And my answer is a resounding “YES!”

Although being so far away from the source and getting to view the states through a media that is not so extremely “patriotic” has helped me see things I used to be oblivious to, I can still say that I believe America is still a fantastic country.

Today my views on political issues seem to have changed, but my belief in what America stands for hasn’t. A country founded on principles of equality, freedom and the concept that anyone can achieve anything.

Over the years many countries have ridiculed, scolded and slandered us, even as their own people aspired to become more and more like us. Today the values America stood for can be seen creeping into the constitutions and daily life of countries that formerly looked down on us. We have become their example, their role model.

The prosperity that many third world countries are enjoying today, stem from an image that was once symbolic only for the states; “You can become anything you want to if your dream is big enough.” People want to be and have more. Especially personal freedom.

You have the world at your finger tips, the potential to make the impossible happen, to create wealth and prosperity beyond belief. Choose your actions well and don’t be complacent. Your family deserves to live better, especially your children. If you don’t make a stand and do something with your life, someone else might. And that wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

So take a risk, seize an opportunity and make something special happen. You have big dreams inside, make them come true. You deserve it and you can do it. Take the ideas and brainstorms you’ve envisioned and turn them into reality. Others around you will be grateful for it.

It is truly not a secret, if you can envision something and believe in it and work towards it… you can make it come true.

So, if you are there today grilling your hot dogs, hamburgers and spare ribs, playing baseball with the kids, celebrating with friends and watching the fireworks… my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Watch the fireworks and when you see those red, white and blue colors glowing in the night sky… remember you have something to be proud of.

Happy Independence Day!

Cheers, Smiles and Success,

Crazy J Sig

P.S. I’ll have a side of ribs and a burger please.