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Don’t give up before you get started!

I just got done watching a video from fellow Internet
Marketer T.C. Bradley, called “The 9 Mile miracle run”
Now I’m not sending this to promote his site or product but
the message he shares this past Easter weekend.
You can see his video here:
The 9 Mile miracle run
Listen closely to his message.

Now please bare with me. I will be writing about my
experience in the Stand-up Comedy niche, but the message
pertains to anything you do, including Internet Marketing.

After a recent wonderful weekend in Berlin and watching
one of our “Comedians Anonymous” team members; Christian
Schiffer, perform for the first time in “Quatsch ComedyClub“,
(Germany’s largest and oldest Comedy club) and taking in the
Audrey Hepburn Expo and enjoying the first real spring
weather, I realized I had a lot to be thankful for.

I used this inner reflection to assess where I was headed
and what I was doing to achieve my goals.
I guess I would call it a reality check.

The speed in which my friend Christian has been conquering
the comedy scene amazed me and asked myself why my career
hadn’t exploded like his.

Naturally it was easy to start listing all the advantages he
had, a good manager, supportive parents and friends, etc.,
and my disadvantages which I won’t even start to list,
because I thought of too many.

It was in this process that I realized that I had as many or
even more advantages than he did, I had just forgotten or
neglected them.

I put on our next show 3 days after returning from Berlin
and decided it was time to get my butt in gear and focus on
those advantages and get back to the basics.

Most of my lack of success came from what T.C. described in
his video about his run. Those pains after the first mile or so
that tell us we should give up or that it is to hard or not worth it.

I recognized that I had too often let those feelings get the upper
hand. I gave in and quit too soon. I believed my own pity parties.
I always found and excuse or scapegoat to blame for my lack
of success or progress.

This had to stop!

Christian inspired me because he went past the initial painful mile.
He learned, stumbled, got up and with a remarkable determination
worked very hard on progressing in his material development and
stage performances. He found that “runners second wind”.

And now he was being recognized and invited to appear on TV.
His own weekly show is consistently full and he is hosting top
notch performers and giving his audience what they love;
“Great Comedy Content”

He motivated me so I took action.

I re-studied my old notes. I wrote new material. I rehearsed.
I believed I could perform and give the audience a great show.

The results: I ended up headlining the next show I was in and
rocked the house (doing Comedy in German which is not my
native language) and harvested the largest applause of my

I have now been invited to appear in one of the nations top
comedy shows and have several other invites from
English-speaking venues in neighboring countries in the
coming months… and this has always been my dream… to be
on stage and make people laugh.

My second dream was to share my knowledge and experience to
assist others who chose this path and help them avoid the
pitfalls of this career. I created the “Comedians Anonymous
comedy course.

Our course has enabled 6 newbies to start performing and appear
in the world famous “Cologne Comedy Festival” their first year on
stage and one of them even has their own TV show now.

So what does mean to you as an Internet Marketer?

Let me just recap here for you with the following 12 Steps:

1. Be thankful for what you have and count those blessings.
Developing a grateful attitude helps you cultivate the mindset for
future rewards and growth.

2. Know what your goal or reason is and stay focused on it…
Even when the pains, fears and doubts of that first mile hit you.
Realize that you might stumble along the way, just get up and keep going.

3. Believe in your miracle. You can achieve your goal if you believe in it.
Many successes are often reached long after the majority of people would have given up

4. Avoid getting stuck in your own “pity parties” when things get tough.
Don’t focus on your past failures, look at them as stepping stones and concentrate on your past successes.

6. Observe your Mentors and do what they do.
(even if they are younger than you)
You will learn from their experience, both their success and failures. This can save you valuable time.

7. Be accountable to someone (your mentor is a good start)
Being accountable keeps you on track, it helps you get real feedback as to your progress.

8. Continue to learn about your niche, new things happen every day.
Too many people stop learning after they leave school. Acquiring knowledge in the areas you want to achieve something worthwhile is an essential part of your success.

9. Organize yourself and then take action.
Nothing feels better than getting something started and finishing it. “Doing something everyday is the secret to success online. Make it a priority”

10. Take responsibility for your success.
Don’t use others or situations as your excuse. You alone are responsible for your success.

11. Share your knowledge with others and help them succeed.
True knowledge begins when you teach others to achieve your
level of success and beyond

12. Look to your past to learn from it, but don’t live in it.
Too many people get stuck in their past, either focusing on their past failures or successes without make any progress in the present. Learn from your past but live in the now and plan for your future.

I hope these insights and suggestions help you on your path, whatever it may be. Take these steps, learn them and apply them and you will see the results for yourself

Cheers, Smiles and Success,
Crazy J
a.k.a. Johnny Hollywood
Comedian turned Internet Marketer.

I am frequently asked if I still do comedy.

The answer is definately YES!

I still run my regular English show in Germany on a monthly basis, and do various performances in German as well. I love doing comedy, it is a reward to be able to get on stage and make people laugh. There is hardly anything I find as rewarding… other than helping others reach their fullest potential.

I guess that is why I have made the transition to doing Internet Marketing as well. I can share my talents and knowledge with others, to help them grow and develope, and I only need to post it once and many can benefit from it on an on-going basis.

I had the chance to see Paul Simon live two days ago. I was initially hesitatant because I hadn’t really followed what Paul was up to for the last few years. I was pleasantly surprised as we filled into a 5000 person hall and waited for the show to start. The atmosphere seemed to be alive with anticipation. You could feel people’s expectations in the air. I felt myself getting caught up in the excitement.

What followed can only be considered as fantastic. As I am sure he does in all his live concerts, Paul Simon came out and went through his array of new and classic songs. Naturally the ones we experienced when we were younger struck a stronger chord, but the whole show was very moving. Paul seemed young and vibrant in spite of his 66 years of age, and I am not saying that is old, I am over 50 myself, but he was just so energetic.

After the show I was able to get backstage with my fiance´and future in-laws to get an autograph. (I will admit to using my semi-celebrity status as Johnny Hollywood to get past the local security teams) When we encountered Paul on his way to the Tour Bus, he graciously stopped and smilingly signed the autographs for my guests.

I couldn’t help noticing how worn out and spent Paul seemed. His eyes and actions could no longer belie his age and exhaustion. It was at this moment I really respected this man. He just stood on stage and delivered 2 hours worth of content (loosley using an IM term here) to a hungry audience (his subscribers) although he could easily be at home resting enjoying the fruits of his earlier labors. (I’m sure the royalities off his previous albums still let him live quite comfortably)

Well by now I’m sure you’re asking yourself; “What does this have to do with with Internet Marketing?” Well as I see it, PLENTY! I’m sure for Paul as well as myself, we enjoy performing. It is something we are passionate about. I will perform as long as I can still stand on a stage. I love entertaining people. It is what keeps me going. And that’s what it is all about… Your passion.

Why do want to do Internet Marketing? Just to make a quick buck. Well then you will probably disappear as fast as you appeared. Those Guru’s (I hate that word) and Mentors that are consistantly making the most money online are the ones that are passionate about what they do.

Sure they might take vacations, they might travel to exotic places, do crazy stunts like Skydiving out of jets, or any number of exciting things, but they are always passionate about doing something or developing something that will benefit their readers and followers. Being an Internet Marketer is their passion. It is their Mindset.

So I guess what I am trying to say is… if Paul Simon, your favorite online Mentor or myself continue to do what we do out of passion, then you should check to see what your passion is. What is it that makes you get fired up? What subjects make your heart skip a beat? What makes you have sleepless nights?

Whatever it is, it is probably the key to your success on the Internet. Research it, find out if it is a profitable Niche. If not, find something close and pursue it. There are sure others that will benefit from what you have to offer and you will in turn profit from that need. Let your passion be the bridge over someone else’s troubled waters.

Thanks for the inspiration Paul!

Cheers, Smiles and Success,

P.S. Here is a performance I did with my fiance´ for one of our shows as a fill in when a guest had to cancel last minute. I’m the cute one.
Click this link to watch video:
Ze Somesing Sisters